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New Thoughts in Words

January 2017

I am hoping that 2017 will be a year of changes for the better.

I am still looking at what seems to be a mountain to climb, metaphorically, as I continue the task of clearing my late husband’s collecting from a life time of never being to throw anything away. This would include buckets of floor dust that I would have swept up, just in case there was something that I had missed, a nut or a screw! Well eighteen months on, this has improved but there is still a long way to go, but I am not going to spend the rest of my life sorting this out. I know a man who will clear the lot, on the 31st of March he will get the call and it will go!

 Alcohol, well I guess once you step off the wagon, it isn’t long before one slips back into the occasional Gin and Tonic or a pint of Guinness or Cider, and Baileys now and then, but on the whole my consumption is well down on what it used to be. The weight is about the same as my last update but it did soar with the pressure of life. However, since joining Slimming World my Cholesterol has amazingly reduced as well as my getting the weight back off.

Although I no longer have any dogs I still enjoy the walking and practise Yoga when able!

 I am still writing Poetry and have fairly recently taken up short story writing, not that expect much will come of this but it is fun, with music always a part of my day as well, keeping busy helps me stay well. Depression is a horrible condition. I have been on medication for this a few times in my life, early twenties, mid thirties and late forties, as of now off the pills hopefully I will keep it that way.

 Mostly my thoughts about 2017 are that I do the travelling that I have not only promised myself to do, but visit those friends that I have promised a visit.

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