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I join the Guys in Listowel at Christy's Bar at the regular  Trad  Session on Thursday nights.
Mostly I play my music as a volunteer at the Listowel Family Resource Centre, for the Alzheimer's day care facility and St Joseph's, the nursing home section of the Listowel  Community Hospital.

I  perform  in charity concerts in St John's Theatre, Listowel

I am also available for  one to one music theraphy  in a home situation, I have a very varied repertoire, including Irish /English folk, Classic Pop and the Blues.




Watch Video of Hazel singing -

"Across the Glen"

"Dingle Bay"

"Titanic Blues"

"Backwater Blues"

"Careless Love"

"For the Memories"


When I was a member of the White Horse Folk Club, at Highworth whilst living in Swindon Wiltshire, a troupe of us would entertain at residential homes for the elderly also on one occasion the Swindon Fire mans social, great fun.{the old village pump song brings back a laugh even now} plus the Village Inn sketch! Mervin Penny was the mind behind these hilarious escapades.

Dartmoor Folk Festival was an event not to be missed where I helped compare the Floor singers’ afternoon with “Charlie” on one occasion sometime ago now.

I have also sung unaccompanied at Charity concerts whilst living in Cornwall.