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Across the Glen

Track List

1 For the Memories (White)
2 Worried blues (Trad./Arr.White)
3 She moved through the fair (Colum)
4 Follow the Flag (MacConnell/MacConnell)
5 Come by the Hills (Trad)
6 Kerry Casanova (White)
7 In Shame love in Shame (McCarthy)
8 Sally Gardens (Yeats)
9 Across the Glen (White)
10 The house of the rising sun (Trad/White)
11 Pour another Whiskey (White)
12 Lullaby (Trad)
13 Careless Love (Trad/Arr.White)
14 Raglan Road (Kavanagh)
15 Titanic blues (Trad)

Singing has always’ been very important to me from a very small child[5 years of age] taking part in talent competitions the first song "For the Memories" written about 20 years ago says it all. 
Chriss & I first arrived in Listowel back in 1988 in a seven and a half ton camper (see photos).
This came about after meeting a party of musicians and dancers from the Listowel area at the Cornish Pan Celtic held in Perranporth in October 1987.In 1988 Sean McCarthy was over with the Kerry Party and we had many a conversation, and happy memories, where he delighted us with his impromptu songs and stories. Hence “In Shame love” has been included, in which he relates the true story of his sister. Thankfully times have changed.
In the early nineties there was a regular session in the Listowel Arms with Mickey MacConnell and friends.This is where I first sang “Only our Rivers” in Ireland, not realizing that your man was the man who wrote it ! So I wanted to include one of his songs hence “Follow the Flag”, for his friendship and support.
Back in August 1988 in Connors’bar Doolin is where I first let my voice out in Ireland. The songs were “As she moved through the Fair”( never before had the experience of silence been so frightening) and "Sally Gardens". These two just had to be included.
The "Kerry Casanova" was inspired by watching life! I wrote this song in 2000.
"Pour Another whisky", again transpired from people watching and was written about 10 years ago.
"Across the Glen" was written as a direct result of conversations with neighbours and friends about the way some of us feel about the Afforestation of Co Kerry and the impact on the quality of country life and maybe tourism. I wrote this August 2005 as yet another 18 hectares[50 acres] was sold to forestry in Glanaderhig,Lyreacrompane.
The Blues has always been one of my favourite styles of music so that’s why 4 Blues numbers that I sing regularly are included.
"Raglan Road", "Come by The Hills" & "Lullaby" all have special meaning to me and that’s why they are included. Choosing 15 tracks out of my repertoire was quite difficult I do hope you like the ones I have chosen.       Hazel.


Produced by: Hazel White / Eddie Lee.
Vocals and Guitar: Hazel White.
Additional Guitars,Mandolin and Bass: Ronnie Ryan.
Bass and Acoustic Guitar: Eddie Lee.
Sleeve Design: Eddie Lee.

Recorded at Jenny Wren Studios, Ballyheigue, Co.Kerry.
Engineered by Eddie Lee.