Positivity [January 2019] Not giving up on oneself is very important in advancing years, it is all too easy to let go and put the lethargy down to age.  Stop, re-boot, become responsible for yourself especially when it involves health issues! Lack of effort ultimately can become lack of quality of life. After years on various brands of Statins for Cholesterol, which had disastrous effects on my general health, (gaining weight, aching muscles and joints, dyspepsia) everything is an effort, I stopped taking these drugs. My Cholesterol has remained approximately the same 8.5 when not on medication, for the last twenty years. The majority of Doctors would say that I am taking my chances with Stroke etc, however, there is now a very divided opinion among the medical profession on the use of Statins. There is a cautionary note about the use of these drugs if you have Hypothyroidism like me! Should they be used at all in this circumstance? I am doing the best that I can for me, a virtually fat free diet, yoga, walking and the latest keep fit venture, an exercise bike.