For the next 38 years there was always a dog or two with no children they were our babies. Phineas, Fin for short a Deerhound Greyhound cross. Ruffy, Whippet Bedlington Terrier cross bred with a Greyhound. Paddy, Greyhound Collie cross. Toby, Bearded Collie Irish Wolfhound cross with Greyhound. Muffin, Toby’s pup with the border collie next door. Canine Friends ‘Doggie Days’  Poem A menagerie of other animals in the smallholding era I love watching nature especially the birds from my kitchen window.  
Dogs and other Animals The first dog that came into my life after marriage was during the time when we had a smallholiding  in Devon Sass,[short for Sasquatch] an Irish Wolfhound female puppy of 16 weeks the size of a Labrador, house training was challenging you can’t just pick them up and run out the house! We were very fortunate to be accepted by the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Society, the vetting process was very strict.
 Muffin 2004 Muffin's mum and brothers & sisters Paddy and his little Friend 1994 Paddy, Ruffy and a friend Ruffy & Paddy 1992 Smallholding days: a big dog and little kids
Toby and his favourite toy Toby, 2003; What a tongue! Sass, or Sasquatch ("Bigfoot") Finn and Sass at the Smallholding A Painting of Sass Ruffy & Paddy relax on the sofa 1994
Muffin and his Dad, Toby,in a quiet moment
Muffin, full grown